Efficient Routing for Hybrid Optical-CDMA and WDM All-Optical Networks

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M. Shadaram, P. Cotae, A. Musa, V. Gonzalez and J. Medrano, "Efficient Routing for Hybrid Optical-CDMA and WDM All-Optical Networks," MILCOM 2006 - 2006 IEEE Military Communications conference, Washington, DC, 2006, pp. 1-7.
doi: 10.1109/MILCOM.2006.302249


This article presents a routing algorithm for all-optical networks that utilizes near future WDM and optical-CDM technologies. The assumption that parallel channels traversing the same path have the same metric (cost) is no longer valid. The algorithm adopts a flooding mechanism to compute metrics corresponding to every possible path between the source and destination nodes based on the link impairments and switch characteristics. From amongst computed costs, a selection is taken minimizing the cost by using Viterbi algorithm. This way, codes and wavelengths are assigned based on the characteristics of each link for each possible route, thus optimizing the network's performance