Analyzing the Impact of Oil and Gas-Contaminated Fluids on Soil in Eddy and Lea Counties Using Sequential Extraction

Mary Naadanswa Adu-Gyamfi, University of Texas at El Paso


The study investigates the impacts of oil and gas-contaminated fluids on soil within the context of Eddy and Lea Counties in New Mexico, the United States. The increase in oil and gas operations has led to enormous wastewater production that is handled, stored, and transported, leading to thousands of spills yearly. The continuous and accidental release of this wastewater poses several risks to the environment due to its high levels of hazardous pollutants. Several studies were conducted on how to reduce the contaminants; however, the impact caused on the environment and the fate of the spilled fluids is unclear due to the complexity of reporting requirements, size, location of the spills, and gaps in research data on spills. The experimental research design employed as the primary research methodology, involved using sequential extraction techniques and rigorous analysis of the soil's physical characteristics of Eddy and Lea Counties. T-test and spatial analysis were conducted to validate the findings. The study aimed to identify the distribution patterns, behavior, and potential implications of soil contamination resulting from oil and gas wastewater spills and leaks by employing these techniques. The research findings revealed the existence of soil contaminants attributed to the spills from oil and gas wastewater. They also highlighted the significance of understanding how contaminants interact with soil particles and the subsequent effects on soil quality. Furthermore, the findings highlighted the importance of soil properties in influencing the mobility of contaminants. The insights gained from this research can help policymakers communicate informed policy decisions on oil and gas wastewater management. They are also essential in communicating to stakeholders to conduct an in-depth study on the broader impact of oil and gas wastewater on other ecosystem areas, such as groundwater sources in different regions.

Subject Area

Energy|Environmental engineering|Hydraulic engineering|Soil sciences

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Adu-Gyamfi, Mary Naadanswa, "Analyzing the Impact of Oil and Gas-Contaminated Fluids on Soil in Eddy and Lea Counties Using Sequential Extraction" (2024). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI31297232.