Reflections on Pre-Kindergarten Pedagogical Practices for Latine Preschoolers: An Autoethnography

Cynthia Chavez, University of Texas at El Paso


This personal reflexive account of my experiences as a Latine Pre-K teacher and Instructional Coach represents the adversities that many early childhood education public school teachers face within marginalized public-school campuses. Using myself as the subject and researcher within the context of area public school districts provided the drive to seek social justice for disadvantaged Latine preschoolers in their quest for an equitable footing in public school offerings. Through the participant’s lens, I chronicle my experiences as a prekindergarten public-school teacher and later as a multi-district instructional coach using the qualitative methodology of both emotive and analytical/interpretive viewpoints. This genre of writing propels the reader to experience the sociopolitical and sociocultural aspects that entail an early childhood educator’s lens throughout the process of working with other educators and administrators such as central office personnel, school principals and assistant principals, and prekindergarten teachers. The experiences I encountered as a Latine prekindergarten educator and mentor are interpreted in this study to help serve and strengthen educators in early childhood education.

Subject Area

Early childhood education|Educational leadership|Educational psychology

Recommended Citation

Chavez, Cynthia, "Reflections on Pre-Kindergarten Pedagogical Practices for Latine Preschoolers: An Autoethnography" (2023). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI30522858.