A Screenplay with Critical Preface: 5150 Tarot Canyoni

Jacob B Phillips, University of Texas at El Paso


5150 Tarot Canyon—a screenplay/dreamplay—anonymous twenty something, X, has left a deadend job, spent savings, and gone, in a last-ditch effort to follow a dream, to art school (in the middle of the desert and a pandemic) but struggles to cope once there with high stress and heavy deadlines. Exhaustion, fear, and loneliness begin to creep in—and, along with them, a stranger, a Walking Sam (possibly X’s double) always at a distance, but never far away. X can’t be sure, but it’s almost like someone’s started stalking them. X tries to ignore it, tries to focus, to grow—but things aren’t coming together—instead X’s world seems to be falling apart, opening up.

Subject Area

Creative writing|Film studies|Theater

Recommended Citation

Phillips, Jacob B, "A Screenplay with Critical Preface: 5150 Tarot Canyoni" (2023). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI30492968.