An Approach for Verification of Traffic Speed Deflectometer Measurements

Mahsa Beizaei, University of Texas at El Paso


Recent research studies have shown the usefulness and applicability of Traffic Speed Deflectometers (TSD) in support of the network-level pavement management process. There are, however, no accepted procedures for verification and validation of the TSD measurements to be utilized by practitioners. To address this need, TSD measurements may be verified with the data obtained by widely accepted road-testing equipment, Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD). In this study, TSD and FWD operations on pavement sections were simulated employing the finite layer approach which resulted in the development of a comprehensive database of pavement responses. Using the established numerical simulation database, theoretical relationships between FWD and TSD data were developed by applying machine learning techniques which served as the basis for a robust verification procedure for the TSD measurements. To assure the reliability of the numerical simulations and presented relationships, the results were validated using the data obtained from extensive field testing conducted in various operational and structural conditions.

Subject Area

Civil engineering|Computer science|Artificial intelligence|Transportation

Recommended Citation

Beizaei, Mahsa, "An Approach for Verification of Traffic Speed Deflectometer Measurements" (2023). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI30486933.