Effects of CEO Social Networks on Firm Innovation Strategy

Jinxin Yang, University of Texas at El Paso


Prior research studying the effects of CEOs on innovation are primarily based on Upper Echelon Theory, which indicates the intrapersonal characteristics among executives in their experiences, values, and personalities could be indispensable antecedents for firm innovation, while the implications of their interpersonal differences have hardly yet received enough attention they deserve. To advance CEO social networks and innovation research, therefore, we attempt to provide some insightful findings through this dissertation series with two papers. In the first paper, we examine the general relationships between two important CEO social network characteristics (network centrality and structural holes) and firm exploratory innovation, and then we further investigate, in the second paper, how these two structural attributes have an impact on the performance implications of temporal transitions between exploration and exploitation. Our research adds value to social network literature, innovation literature, ambidexterity literature and strategic leadership research.

Subject Area

Management|Social research|Business administration|Occupational psychology

Recommended Citation

Yang, Jinxin, "Effects of CEO Social Networks on Firm Innovation Strategy" (2022). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI29260952.