¿Y Los Condones? The Rhetoric of Birth Control in the Latinx Community of the United States

Caréy Vanessa Cuevas, University of Texas at El Paso


This project aims to explore the current rhetorical strategies used in framing reproductive technologies and how these frameworks influence the sexual health outcomes of Latinx communities. Despite the wealth of information made available to individuals in order to make more informed choices regarding their sexual health, literature supports that Latinx communities are at a perpetually higher risk for poor sexual health outcomes. Additionally, other influences such as mass media, culture, and legislation play roles in how this community engages around birth control and safe sex practices. This project seeks to investigate how entities utilize language in discourse over birth control in public and private spheres, and specifically through the use of the social media platform, Twitter. Furthermore, this thesis seeks to make a contribution to the literature on health communication and sexual communication and hopes to provide useful findings for health communication practitioners seeking to create interventions for the affected population. At the very least, this project aims to spur more conversations on the importance of open discourse about reproductive technologies in Latinx communities.

Subject Area

Communication|Web Studies|Obstetrics|Hispanic American studies|Health education

Recommended Citation

Cuevas, Caréy Vanessa, "¿Y Los Condones? The Rhetoric of Birth Control in the Latinx Community of the United States" (2021). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI28541391.