Defining Intelligence Failure: A Puzzled Discourse

Gabriel Isaiah Koshinsky, University of Texas at El Paso


A specter is haunting the U.S. Intelligence Community, and this specter is intelligence failure. Up to the present day the Intelligence Community (IC) continues to be mired with allegations of intelligence failure from the media, policymakers, academics, and practitioners alike. An initial review of literature shows a common definition of intelligence failure remains elusive and deficient. This study seeks to add to the scholarly discourse and benefit continued research around intelligence failure, through an attempt to produce a working definition through a systematic review of existing definitions. This study used a systematic review method to examine over 210 sources from Taylor & Francis, JSTOR, & Google Scholar to develop a working definition of intelligence failure based on a wide sample of literature. 33 definitions were derived and analyzed off of this review.

Subject Area

Information science|Public administration

Recommended Citation

Koshinsky, Gabriel Isaiah, "Defining Intelligence Failure: A Puzzled Discourse" (2021). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI28497696.