Some Fermi-Lowdin Orbital Self-Interaction Correction Studies on Atomic Systems

Christopher Alexis Ibarra, University of Texas at El Paso


Density Function Theory (DFT) is a popular quantum chemistry calculation method with many appeals but also deficiencies. Many modification and additions to the method have been made over the years, such as self-interaction corrections and new density functional approximations. We review here the theoretical background needed for a basic understanding of quantum chemistry calculations. In addition, we present the quantum chemistry calculation method used in this paper called Fermi-Lowdin Self-Interaction Correction (FLOSIC), including the base code it was implemented on, the Naval Research Laboratory Molecular Orbital Library (NRLMOL) Code, and the resulting modified code simply called FLOSIC. Furthermore, we explore a new method of obtaining the so-called Fermi Orbital Descriptors (FODs) by looking at the Hartree self-repulsion energy between electrons. Lastly, we test two density functional approximations called RPBE and revPBE.

Subject Area

Computational physics|Quantum physics|Chemistry

Recommended Citation

Ibarra, Christopher Alexis, "Some Fermi-Lowdin Orbital Self-Interaction Correction Studies on Atomic Systems" (2020). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI28088126.