Hyperreality & art A reconsideration of the notion of art

Alfredo Martin-Perez, University of Texas at El Paso


My thesis pertains to philosophy of art. Its main purpose is a reconsideration of the notion of art as a response to claims stating the end of art, as in the case of the writings on hyperreality, stating that the transformation of reality, has resulted in a world that is permeated with a virtual reality that replaces traditional schemas for ways of living in the world, that valued the originality of art. In the setting up of the subject, I will briefly mention descriptions of both reality and hyperreality, and the developments in art throughout the modern, and post modern periods, up to the contemporary period. The inclusion of chapters on reality for the intention of providing a contrast or background to emphasize the importance of art as one of its modulators, then to bring the theme down to an everydayness level. Therefore my work is not that of a metaphysical approach, but rather on aesthetics and, more specifically, philosophy of art, a critical reflection on culture, and art, in an alternative practical theorizing approach. As a vehicle for articulating my position and conclusions, I follow the work of Maria Rodriguez Magda on philosophy of transmodernity, and the critical philosophy of art of Arthur Danto. My conclusions present a perspective on the current state of art, based on the brief historical conceptual outline that I laid out, and how that entails that humans need to develop a practical purpose for art that emerges from one's own personal philosophy of art. In my case, as an artist, this means that I will apply my work in theory to my own practical, creative endeavors.

Subject Area

Art Criticism|Philosophy

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Martin-Perez, Alfredo, "Hyperreality & art A reconsideration of the notion of art" (2014). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1583934.