Secondhand city: Stolen stories from La Limonada

Byron Jose Sun, University of Texas at El Paso


Roboton, Jupa and Calicas have just been drafted by the city of La Limonada to petrol, to rob, to intimidate, to extort, to kill and when necessary to protect those citizens that need it; as their crime spree progresses their tactics and abilities improve shaping them into criminal machines. The three new criminals will be tasked with the reality of destroying people's lives in order to insure La Limonada maintains its dominion over every citizen by controlling every aspect of their past, present and future. Many of those citizens are clueless on how they are controlled; it isn't until their last moments when they realize they could have escaped the dictatorship of La Limonada. Other victims are just the waste to their circumstances and they need to be dealt with any means necessary. The few who survive an attack by La Limonada will have a choice to bring awareness to their fellow citizens; ultimately they will be instrumental on sparking the rebellion that will lead La Limonada into a war. The victims of each story become the protagonist of their own crude reality as well as their position on the social hierarchy imposed on to them because a poor class must exist for La Limonada to rule them all.

Subject Area

Latin American literature|Journalism|Literature

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Sun, Byron Jose, "Secondhand city: Stolen stories from La Limonada" (2014). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1557796.