Civic campaigns and protest against Ciudad Juarez Violence

Laura Lizeth Sarinana, University of Texas at El Paso


his thesis examines civic campaigns and protests in relationship to the violence in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. While thousands of people have died in what the Mexican government has called the drug war, thousands more have opted to go out and protest for a better and safer environment in which they and their family can reside. This research aims to explain how social movement activists respond to the current violence in their community. It is based on the observation that while social movements in Ciudad Juárez have undertaken issues regarding the current violence, not much emphasis has been placed on the activists' reasons and beliefs, which have cornered individuals to join such movements. In order to explore what factors have contributed to such a response, or in some instances the lack of, this research used theories of frames, political opportunities, and resource mobilization. Ten semi-structured survey-interviews were conducted with social movement participants. The survey-interviews provided information about the key factors that contributed to or hindered action against the violence that their community faced. The main findings in this research suggest that people will act to defend their human rights, which relates back to the resources and opportunities that their community offers them. Both situations instrigated people to act against violence or lack of human rights. In doing so, individuals hope that their acts will eventually lead their community to change and serve as a guide to other communities or countries that might have a similar situation.

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Sarinana, Laura Lizeth, "Civic campaigns and protest against Ciudad Juarez Violence" (2013). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1541078.