Correlates of marijuana use in a Hispanic college sample

Joseph Ephraim Charter, University of Texas at El Paso


Currently there is a dearth of literature regarding marijuana and its correlates of use, particularly in Hispanics. Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug, and its use has increased in recent years. This study aimed to assess correlates of marijuana use in a Hispanic college student sample. Data were collected from 549 participants from University psychology courses. Participants completed a comprehensive survey packet consisting of: demographics, marijuana use history, tobacco and alcohol use, depression, anxiety, stress, and acculturation. Descriptive analyses were used to provide a characteristic profile of Hispanic college student marijuana use. Eight percent reported past 30-day marijuana use, while 33.5% reported lifetime use of marijuana. Hierarchical logistic and multiple regression analyses were used to assess correlates of marijuana use. Dependent variables included ever use of marijuana in the past 30 days and frequency of marijuana use in past 30 days. Independent variables included: alcohol use, tobacco use, depression, anxiety, stress, acculturation, and the interaction of acculturation and stress. Inferential findings suggest men (B = -1.476, OR=.196, p < .001, 95% CI [.113, .463]), greater days of cigarettes smoked (B = .048, OR = 1.049, p = .02, 95% CI [1.008, 1.092]), and greater number of drinks consumed in the past 30 days (B = .013, OR= 1.013, p = .001, 95% CI [1.005, 1.020]) were associated with a heightened likelihood of using marijuana in past 30 days. Additionally, greater frequency of use of marijuana was associated with greater frequency of cigarette use (β = .105, p= .014). There was no association between marijuana use and depression, anxiety, stress, and acculturation. Implications include the need for future prevention and intervention efforts with particular focus on polysubstance use.

Subject Area

Behavioral psychology|Public health

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Charter, Joseph Ephraim, "Correlates of marijuana use in a Hispanic college sample" (2012). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1533216.