Numerical modeling of cadmium sulfide/zinc cadmium telluride solar cell

Farhana Anwar, University of Texas at El Paso


Device modeling and simulation studies of CdS/ZnxCd1-x Te thin film solar cell have been carried out. A variety of graded band gap structures are examined. Incorporation of back electron reflector layer to improve open circuit voltage and carrier collection of CdTe solar cell was investigated. Device physics and performance determining parameters for different band gap profiles were analyzed. Based on simulation results, an optimal graded band gap structure for CdS/ZnxCd 1-xTe solar cell is proposed. Performance of optimally graded band gap cell is superior to that of uniform bandgap cell.

Subject Area

Electrical engineering

Recommended Citation

Anwar, Farhana, "Numerical modeling of cadmium sulfide/zinc cadmium telluride solar cell" (2012). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1533205.