Nanoprobe I-V characterization of CdTe/CdS micro and nano-patterned solar cells

Heber Prieto, University of Texas at El Paso


This thesis presents a novel way to characterize micro and nano patterned cadmium telluride thin film solar cells via a nano-probe system. A historical review of CdTe-based solar cells is presented first followed by review of the technology developed to produce the patterned CdTe cells. A detailed presentation is then provided on the use of a Zyvex nanoprobing system to characterize the patterned solar cells. The I-V response of micro- and nano-patterned solar cells stimulated under different e-beam conditions is presented and analyzed. Suggestions of how to improve the technique are provided. This work documents, for the first time, the I-V testing of isolated CdTe grains of different feature size.

Subject Area

Electrical engineering|Nanotechnology|Materials science

Recommended Citation

Prieto, Heber, "Nanoprobe I-V characterization of CdTe/CdS micro and nano-patterned solar cells" (2012). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1518230.