Cognitive constructs in linear algebra; metaphors, metonymies, modes

Ruben Carrizales, University of Texas at El Paso


Analysis focused on the presence of different thinking modes, metonymies, and metaphors found on the interview responses to questions related to linear independence, span, and spanning sets of three students, A12, A22 and C3, taking their first linear algebra course at the college level. Findings provide insight into how first year linear algebra students move from one thinking mode to another, and the kind of metonymies and metaphors are used to construct new knowledge. The main purpose of this research was to discover and analyze the presence of the different modes of thinking and metonymy/metaphors— in the reasoning of these three students.

Subject Area

Mathematics education|Mathematics|Educational psychology

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Carrizales, Ruben, "Cognitive constructs in linear algebra; metaphors, metonymies, modes" (2011). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1518191.