Vulnerability of intermodal logistic networks to sea port disruption

Jana Cervinska, University of Texas at El Paso


Maritime trade is the backbone of international trade, specifically seaports which provide the gateway for the shipping and receiving of all international goods. Any disruption in operation can trickle down the global supply chain increasing costs and delay delivery of supplies. Hence, the objective of this work is the formulation of optimization models to study the vulnerability of intercontinental ports. Experiments are applied to container transportation between U.S. and Europe. The work differentiates itself from previous studies in that we analyze the vulnerability of the sea ports and compare how the closing of some ports or liner shipping lanes influence/impact the total supply chain costs for a set of commodities. Keywords: vulnerability, sea port, supply chain, minimize costs

Subject Area

Civil engineering|Ocean engineering

Recommended Citation

Cervinska, Jana, "Vulnerability of intermodal logistic networks to sea port disruption" (2012). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1512556.