Marlena I Fitzpatrick Garcia, University of Texas at El Paso


Inspired by entertaining, opinionated voices with debatable, controversial messages I wrote "Sacramento." EVA RIVERA, a 32 year old Honduran poet is captured and incarcerated by the "Maduros Guerrilla" due to her controversial political activism through a network called "Las Hijas Del Maiz." After being held captive, tortured and raped, she miraculously escapes. She manages to return home, gather her belongings and cross the border, all the way to New York via Canada. FATHER MARTIN RODRIGUEZ, a 35 year old Chilean Catholic Priest has disgraced his faith by keeping a promise he made his brother on his death bed: he will facilitate same-sex marriages; given the fact his siblings are gay. His sister DIANA RODRIGUEZ, a 33 year old Broadway dancer, his best friend ERIC 'CANVAS' JIMENEZ, a 33 year old painter and JOE WILSON, his brother's 24 year old widow, have vowed to rescue undocumented immigrants from the Canada border. They would save them from human trafficking and hide them in Father Martin's church, St. Francis Cathedral, until their loved ones will come and pick them up. One day, they go on their underground mission to rescue three siblings and suddenly, Eva Rivera arrives. The fourth passenger is foreign to them. They do not know what to do. So, they bring Eva over to their hide out. Father Martin hears from a controversial civil lawyer and activist: MAGDA ROSADO, a 35 year old Mexican Muslim Civil lawyer and women's rights advocate. The two dilemmas get tangled with the re-examination of all these mavericks working with rage against the system. The machinery doesn't provide with all the answers to their issues; for one problem to disappear successfully, a sacrifice must be done. Father Martin Rodríguez and Magda Rosado understand that faith and values at times do not see eye-to-eye with the reality of the powerless and disenfranchised. The biggest blow is that Father Martin receives an excommunication warning. Magda Rosado can't help him as she has little knowledge of Canon Law. She is, however, compelled to help this family. In the midst of this process, Father Martin re-discovers his human side; he understands that, after all, he's a man. He falls in love with Magda, sentiment that she reciprocates. As they spend time together, Diana becomes anxious for Eva so she asks her roommate and Broadway performer GABRIEL CAMPOS, to marry Eva. The issue is that both of them are not attracted to their opposite gender, making the marriage more fraudulent that it already is. Diana and Eva become extremely attached and very much in love. SAM FRANCO, a 34 year old ex-military Canon Lawyer; very conservative Cuban and Magda tangled in this civil rights lawsuit. He is determined to "save her" as he truly believes Islam will send her to hell. Then he discovers she's the one helping Father Martin, to his dismay. So, he becomes the whistleblower. He turns in Father Martin to his dioceses archbishop. In the end, the real effort is to save Eva from returning to Honduras where she will more than likely be murdered. Father Martin Rodriguez feels he has no other choice but to resign from his Catholic faith, help Eva stay, and love Magda freely. As a result he is ordained as an Episcopalian priest in his native Chile. How does he do it? He loves his sister Diana so much, that he marries her with Eva. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

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Fine arts|Literature|Film studies

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Fitzpatrick Garcia, Marlena I, "Sacramento" (2011). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1503716.