Equation of state of a dense and magnetized fermion system

Israel Portillo Vazquez, University of Texas at El Paso


The equation of state of a system of fermions in a uniform magnetic field is obtained in terms of the thermodynamic quantities of the theory by using functional methods. It is shown that the breaking of the O(3) rotational symmetry by the magnetic field results in a pressure anisotropy, which leads to the distinction between longitudinal- and transverse-to-the-field pressures. A criterion to find the threshold field at which the asymmetric regime becomes significant is discussed. This threshold magnetic field is shown to be the same as the one required for the pure field contribution to the energy and pressures to be of the same order as the matter contribution. A graphical representation of the field-dependent anisotropic equation of state of the fermion system is given. Estimates of the upper limit for the inner magnetic field in self-bound stars, as well as in gravitationally bound stars with inhomogeneous distributions of mass and magnetic fields, are also found.

Subject Area

Nuclear physics|Theoretical physics

Recommended Citation

Portillo Vazquez, Israel, "Equation of state of a dense and magnetized fermion system" (2011). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1498311.