Al cuerpo lo que pida

Lucia Sanchez Llorente, University of Texas at El Paso


Al cuerpo lo que pida, is a novel that addresses the old topic of disloyalty in contemporary Mexico City society. It narrates in first person the inner-conflict of the protagonist, Mercedes Santamaría, who tries to lead a double life. On one hand she is in love with her husband, Fernando, and on the other hand, she is incapable of stopping her impulses with other men, which puts her marriage in jeopardy. She turns to her late grandmother, as an alter ego, for advice.

Subject Area

Language arts|American literature|Creative writing

Recommended Citation

Sanchez Llorente, Lucia, "Al cuerpo lo que pida" (2011). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1494494.