Pressure induced dynamical instabilities in body center cubic crystals

Oscar Guerrero, University of Texas at El Paso


Large-scale atomistic simulations of shock-wave propagation in single crystals exhibit large anisotropies in the elastic-plastic and solid-liquid transitions. Characteristic of this type of simulations are the large strains at which the crystal yields plastically, regardless of crystal orientation. At these large strains, uniaxial deformations, such as those produced in planar shock loading generate dynamical instabilities. We have investigated the directional anisotropy of the elastic limit in bcc crystals, in particular Tantalum (Ta), employing molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. We show that the elastic - plastic transition in BCC defect-free crystals is caused by the appearance of soft-phonon modes and not via homogenous nucleation of extended defects.

Subject Area

Solid State Physics|Molecular physics|Condensed matter physics

Recommended Citation

Guerrero, Oscar, "Pressure induced dynamical instabilities in body center cubic crystals" (2010). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1477789.