Smoking cessation, reduction and motivation change in a predominantly Hispanic sample

Jose Alonso Cabriales, University of Texas at El Paso


To date, few studies have focused on smoking cessation specifically for light and intermittent smokers (fewer than 10 cigarettes per day). Light and intermittent smoking have been on the rise for the past years, and multiple studies have documented the detrimental health effects of low-level smoking. This study assessed the efficacy of a brief smoking cessation intervention for light smokers in a predominantly Hispanic community sample. Additionally, predictors of quitting were also assessed. Two hundred and fifty light and intermittent smokers were recruited primarily from a family health clinic and the UTEP campus. Participants completed baseline measures assessing demographics, tobacco use and history, stage of change, perceived competence (PCS) and expired Carbon Monoxide (CO) levels. Participants were randomly assigned to an immediate brief smoking cessation intervention or to a delayed brief smoking cessation intervention. At the three month follow-up, participants’ smoking status, stage of change, and PCS scores were assessed. Logistic and linear regression models were used to assess predictors of smoking cessation, smoking reduction, motivation change, and perceived competence. Independent variables included intervention assignment, age, smoking rate at baseline, and motivation to quit. Results indicated that intervention assignment was not associated with cessation, reduction, or perceived competence. However, increases in readiness to quit smoking were significantly predicted by intervention assignment, such that those in the delayed intervention group were .28 times as likely to increase readiness relative to those in the immediate intervention group. Future efforts should focus on capitalizing on motivation change to promote smoking cessation.

Subject Area

Public health|Experimental psychology|Hispanic American studies

Recommended Citation

Cabriales, Jose Alonso, "Smoking cessation, reduction and motivation change in a predominantly Hispanic sample" (2010). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1477775.