The Geometry of Loss: a Novel

Elidio La Torre Lagares, University of Texas at El Paso


In the year 2025, Orlando Aniello, nicknamed “Or,” a Puerto Rican poet with a broken life, becomes a “consciousness in virtual space.” Tricked by a couple of goons that devote most of their duties to bootleg memories for people who lead dull and meaningless lives, Orlando’s personality splits into fragments. As consequence, his actual experiences blend the host’s own recollections, which accidentally upload to Orlando’s brain. If bootleg mnemonic technologies glitch, Orlando does not know who he is anymore. Indeed, Orlando/ Gogo/ Alejandro suffers anterograde memory loss, and the narrator becomes merely a voice without a body. A geometry of loss.

Subject Area

Creative writing|Latin American literature|Literature|Hispanic American studies

Recommended Citation

Lagares, Elidio La Torre, "The Geometry of Loss: a Novel" (2017). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI10286071.