Computational modeling of a 60kw oxy-methane direct power extraction combustor

Omar Daniel Vidana, University of Texas at El Paso


ANSYS Fluent was used to optimize components of a direct power extraction combustor. This includes the fuel injector, nozzle, and cooling units. Changes in the injector's inlet location impacted pressure and velocity distribution. An angle of 115 degrees with respect to the x-axis was found to increase distribution efficiency. Temperature and velocity data from the combustor and nozzle were calculated using NASA CEA and Fluent. Magnitudes of temperature and velocity for CEA and Fluent matched within 9% and 4%, respectively. For the cooling system it is expected that cavitation will not occur since the saturation temperature of water is not exceeded in the cooling channels.

Subject Area

Aerospace engineering|Mechanical engineering|Energy

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Vidana, Omar Daniel, "Computational modeling of a 60kw oxy-methane direct power extraction combustor" (2016). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI10151184.