High Performance Computing in Air Quality Modeling and their Applications

Roberto A Perea, University of Texas at El Paso


High Performance Computing has become an important tool for many applications and services in the areas of Air Quality research. One important aspect is the use of computational technology in simulation and modeling of complex Air Quality models which makes it affordable in terms of data analysis, processing and speed. For this dissertation, three projects using Air quality models were developed using high performance computing. For the first project, ozone concentrations for the Paso del Norte Region are simulated using air quality models and compared against experimental data. For the second project, the Development of models and optimization of codes to study ozone concentrations in the South Coast Air Basin (Southern California) is presented for emission control strategies. For the third project, the transport of Valley Fever is examined and a model is developed to forecast events of exposure and maximum risk for this region.

Subject Area

Environmental science

Recommended Citation

Perea, Roberto A, "High Performance Computing in Air Quality Modeling and their Applications" (2015). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI10000798.