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Technical Report: UTEP-CS-03-15


According to modern quantum physics, at the microlevel, the dimension of space-time is at least 11; we only observe 4 dimensions because the others are compactified: the size along each of the other dimensions is much smaller than the macroscale. There is no universally accepted explanation of why exactly 4 dimensions remain at the microscopic level. A natural suggestion is: maybe there is no fundamental reason why exactly 4 dimensions should remain, maybe when we go to even larger scales, some of the 4 dimensions will be compactified as well? In this paper, we explore the consequences of the compactification suggestion, and we show that -- on the qualitative level -- these consequences have actually been already observed: as superclusters and as evidence that is usually interpreted as justifying dark matter. Thus, we get a new possible explanation of both superclusters and dark matter evidence -- via dimension compactification.