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Published in Proceedings of the Lineae Terrarum: International Border Conference, El Paso, Las Cruces, and Cd. Juarez, March 27-30, 2006.


In many border-related issues ranging from economic collaboration to border security, it is extremely important that bordering countries share information. One reason why such sharing is difficult is that different countries use different information formats and data structures. It is therefore desirable to design infrastructure to facilitate this information sharing.

UTEP is a lead institution in a similar NSF-sponsored multi-million geoinformatics project, whose goal is to combine diverse and complex geophysical and geographical data stored in different formats and data structures. We describe our experience in using and developing related web service techniques, and we explain how this experience can be applied to border collaboration.

Since many security-related data are sensitive, we describe how to make sure that the designed cyberinfrastructure provides secure sharing