JavaMaC and Runtime Monitoring for Geoinformatics Grid Services

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A. Q. Gates, S. Roach, I. Gallegos, O. Ochoa and O. Sokolsky, "JavaMaC and runtime monitoring for geoinformatics grid services," 10th IEEE International Workshop on Object-Oriented Real-Time Dependable Systems, Sedona, Arizona, USA, 2005, pp. 105-112.
doi: 10.1109/WORDS.2005.40


The Geoscience Network (GEON) project is a collaborative effort among numerous institutions to create the geoinformatics infrastructure. Because of the criticality of the grid services that is deployed, scientists need assurance of the integrity of the data supplied by the service and assurance that the workflows and other scientific applications behave as expected. This paper describes the efforts toward using the Kepler workflow system to define new applications, the prospec specification tool to define properties, and the JavaMac system to monitor grid services. In addition, it outlines the research questions and challenges that must be addressed to meet the requirements of the GEON community.