Instrumentation of Intermediate Code for Runtime Verification

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A. Q. Gates, O. Mondragon, M. Payne and S. Roach, "Instrumentation of intermediate code for runtime verification," 28th Annual NASA Goddard Software Engineering Workshop, 2003. Proceedings., Greenbelt, MD, USA, 2003, pp. 66-71.
doi: 10.1109/SEW.2003.1270727


Runtime monitoring is aimed at ensuring correct runtime behavior with respect to specified constraints. It provides assurance that properties are maintained during a given program execution. The dynamic monitoring with integrity constraints (DynaMICs) approach is a runtime monitoring system under development at the University of Texas at El Paso. The focus of the paper is on the identification of instructions at the object-code level that require instrumentation for monitoring. Automated instrumentation is desirable because it can reduce errors introduced by humans, it provides finer control over monitoring, and it allows greater control over instrumentation. The paper also discusses two other technologies associated with DynaMICs: the elicitation and formal specification of properties and constraint; and tracing property or constraint violations to the software engineering artifacts from which the constraints and properties were derived.