DynaMICs: Comprehensive Support for Run-Time Monitoring

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Gates, A. Q., Roach, S., Mondragon, O., N. Delgado, 'DynaMICs: Comprehensive Support for Run-Time Monitoring,' in Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Engineering, K. Havelund and G. Rosu (eds.), 55(2), 21, www.elsevier.nl/locate/entc.


Software engineering strives to enable the economic construction of software systems that behave reliably, predictably, and safely. In other engineering disciplines, safety is assured in part by detailed monitoring of processes. In software, we may achieve some level of confidence in the operation of programs by monitoring their execution. DynaMICs is a software tool that facilitates the collection and use of constraints for software systems. In addition, it supports traceability by mapping constraints to system artifacts. Constraint specifications are stored separately from code; constraint-monitoring code is automatically generated from the specifications and inserted into the program at appropriate places; and constraints are verified at execution time. These constraint checks are triggered by changes made to variable values. We describe the architecture of DynaMICs, discuss alternative verification techniques, and outline research directions for the DynaMICs project.