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DNP Project

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Doctor of Nursing (ND)




Hector Morales, DNP, APRN, PMHCS-BC


Bipolar Disorder (BD), in the depressive phase is among the most common mental disorder diagnosed in patient’s I treated based on the insight gained after completing a 10-day reflective practice log at Emergence Health Network, outpatient services. In my clinical practice, I noticed that when patients with bipolar depression were on certain antipsychotics, i.e., Aripiprazole, their bipolar disorder, depressive phase symptoms were not improving. Bipolar depression is a debilitating mental disorder and if effective treatment is not implemented, the disease can provoke a suicide death. After an intensive literature review, I found the following guidelines for the effective treatment of bipolar depression The application of the Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety (CANMAT) and the International Society for Bipolar Disorder (ISBD) 2018 guidelines in treating bipolar depression improved and alleviated bipolar depression symptoms within two weeks. Ten patients were included in this quality improvement of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Project nine reported symptom improvements and confirmed that the treatment improved their quality of life.

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