Simulations of Hypervelocity Impact Damage and Fracture of Aluminum Targets Using a Constitutive-microdamage Material Model,'

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J. Eftis, C. Carrasco and R.A. Osegueda, 'Simulations of hypervelocity impact damage and fracture of aluminum targets using a constitutive-microdamage material model,' International Journal of Impact Engineering, Volume 26, Issues 1-1, Pages 157-168


The material damage and fracture of Aluminum 1100 target plates that experience hypervelocity impact by glass projectiles traveling at 6 km/s are simulated using a proposed constitutive-microdamage material model. The model is best suited for polycrystalline metals that are subject to hypervelocity impact at the lower range of velocities. Simulations are performed for three projectile diameter-target thickness ratios that produce a wide range of damage features. The predicted damage is compared with that of the corresponding test laboratory specimens, illustrating the capability of the constitutive-microdamage model.