Semiactive Motion Control Using Variable Stiffness

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Nemir, D.C., Lin, Y.C., and Osegueda, R.A., 'Semi-Active Motion Control Using Variable Stiffness,' Journal of Structural Engineering. Vol. 12, No. 4, pp 1291-136


This paper presents a theory for the control and containment of structural motion in civil and space structures. Potential uses include the limiting of seismic damage in a skyscraper and motion control in a space station. The approach falls into the domain of semiactive control as the technique requires the dynamic alteration of system stiffness, an approach that requires minimal energy to implement. The control objective is to alter stiffness on‐line in such a way as to shift the modal distribution of energy that is within the system from low modes to higher modes, which have an accelerated rate of energy removal via viscous damping. Feasibility is demonstrated through simulation studies of a truss structure subjected to both sinusoidal and random disturbances.