GIS-Based Network Routing Procedures for Overweight Oversized Vehicles

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Roberto, Osegueda, Garcia-Diaz Alberto, Ashur Suleiman, Melchor Octavio, Chang Sung-Ho, Carrasco Cesar, and Kuyumcu Ahmet. "GIS-Based Network Routing Procedures for Overweight and Oversized Vehicles." Journal of Transportation Engineering 125, no. 4 (07/01; 2018/07, 1999): 324-331, https://doi.org/10.1061/(ASCE)0733-947X(1999)125:4(324).


The objective of this article is to document the development of an automatic procedure for the routing of overweight vehicles with load-carrying and vertical clearance restrictions for the bridges of a highway network. The use of a network routing procedure within a geographic information system (GIS) operating in a PC environment is one of the distinctive features of the proposed approach. The procedure automatically identifies all bridges on a specified route and evaluates the adequacy of the bridge structures as well as vertical and horizontal clearance requirements for a given vehicle. A GIS computerized support methodology consistent with the Texas Administrative Code is developed. In particular, the proposed approach uses bridge load formulas to evaluate the adequacy of bridge structures for incoming overloads. Sample runs of the procedure using Texas data indicate that the procedure is computationally efficient.