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Policy Brief #3 – April 2017


This policy brief provides background on recent changes to federal education policy under the Trump Administration and reports the findings from a new study from the Center for Education Research and Policy Studies (CERPS). Following the passing of the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA), the Education Department developed regulations that would govern the law’s implementation through a procedure known as the Rulemaking Process. One of the key provisions required school districts with large achievement gaps to equalize funding across schools. However, in March 2017, Congress moved to block all previously established regulations for implementing ESSA. Under Secretary DeVos, the Education Department developed a new set of regulations that excludes any requirements for districts to equitably distribute funding across schools. The CERPS study explores the potential impact of removal of federal school district spending regulations, analyzes districts that have equalized spending across schools, and offers policy recommendations for increasing equity in school district resource allocation.