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All of Julius Schwartz's letters are handwritten in English. There are letters and cables in Spanish and German.

See also Folder 18 -- Steifel, Josef -- 1939 - 1940 (part 1 of 2)


Julius Schwarz continues to try to bring his relatives from Germany to Lordsburg, New Mexico. The main problem in this case is that once Jews leave Germany they cannot return, and Mexico will not grant a visa without the guarantee of a six month right of return. The other problem is that the lawyer in Mexico handling the arrangements either is not listening to, or not understanding, what Mrs. Zlabovsky is telling him regarding Germany, Jews, and visas.

Things become extremely dire when Josef Steifel is committed to a concentration camp. Mr. Schwartz stresses many times to Mrs. Zlabovsky that Mr. Steifel will be released once he receives a visa for Mexico.

This is a very long document with many, many letters between Mr. Schwatz and Mrs. Zlabovsky, Mrs. Zlabovsky and a lawyer in Mexico, and letters to and from consulates.